Eric Brown Labs, LLC

User Facilities

I have materials testing equipment available for shared research use:

Anton Paar MCR 302 Rheometer: measures torque as a function of rotation angle or rate. Used for measuring mechanical properties of non-Newtonian fluids, including the viscosity as a function of shear rate, viscoelastic properties, and magnetorheological properties.

Instron E1000 dynamic materials tester: measure forces up to +/-2kN in response to compression and tension. Used to measure stress-strain curves. Can perform fatigue and other dynamic tests such as impact response at speeds up to 600 mm/s.

Phantom Miro 110 high-speed camera: records 1.6 megapixel resolution images up to 1000 frames per second, and lower resolution images up to 400,000 frames per second.

I hope to provide free use and training on equipment for research and development use pending funding support. Otherwise, I will provide use and training for a small user fee, or we could discuss possibilities for joint funding proposals. Contact me at for more information or to discuss ideas.